Scam Alert

Scam Alert

Taxpayers should beware of property lien scam.

Here are some details about the property lien scam that will help taxpayers recognize it:

  • This Scheme involves a letter threatening a Distraint Warrant.
  • The scammer mails the letter to a taxpayer
  • The lien or levy is based on bogus overdue taxes owed to the State of New Mexico
  • This non-existent agency has a legitimate-sounding name like “Tax Processing Unit, Lincoln County Public Judgment Records”.
  • This scam may also reference “garnishment of wages and bank accounts, property seizures, federal tax refund offset, and creation of a property tax lien.

For anyone who receives this suspicious letter (see below) concerning property taxes, please DO NOT respond to the letter. Instead, contact the Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office at 575-648-2397 Ext. 7 to report the scam.