HWY37Rural Property Addressing aims to provide all occupied rural properties with a nationally recognized addresses that will assist Emergency Services and other service providers in locating a property.  A rural address will consist of a distance-based road number, road name, locality and postcode. The new addresses will only identify the property location and not who lives there, therefore not impacting the privacy of the residents.

Amanda Garcia
Rural Addressing Coordinator
109 Kansas City Rd
Ruidoso, NM 88345
575-258-5934 ext 7

For a new or existing structure that does not have an official 9-1-1 address one will be provided once appropriate procedures are followed:
1. If the property driveway comes off County maintained road then a County Road Driveway Permit is needed before address is issued. That permit can be obtained from the County Road Department by calling (575)354-2922.
2. If the property driveway comes off a private road then the driveway needs to be in place in order to obtain a GPS marking of the location. Once the GPS is marked a 9-1-1 address will be issued. Contact the Rural Addressing department to arrange GPS marking at 575-258-5934 ext 7


The cost of County address placards are as follows and include the two-sided reflective placard, post, bracket and hardware:
1. County address placards are available in the Ruidoso Rural Addressing Office for the cost of $25.00 for self-pick-up and installation (which is the County’s cost for materials), Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
2. We offer delivery & installation of the placard for a total cost of $35.00,  which can be obtained by mailing in a check or money order to our office.
109 Kansas City Rd Ruidoso, NM 88345.


Our County Rural Addressing office also maintains the County Road Name Signage,  if a sign is missing, down or destroyed our office will replace it in a timely manner.
If the Signage is for a Private Road that has already been approved by the County then the property owners may call in a request for a new sign.
1. Street Signs are available in the Ruidoso Rural Addressing Office for the cost of $180.00 (which is the County's cost for materials), and includes the two-sided reflective sign, post, bracket and hardware. 
2. New street sign only (does not include post, bracket, or hardware) is $120.00