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Voter Registration


Eligible New Mexico citizens can now update their existing registration or register for the first time anywhere they can get online. All you need is a state-issued ID

Online Voter Registration

Voters may now look up their own voter registration information using VoterView.  A VoterView record contains helpful information such as polling place and the district races a registrant may vote in. 
Click here for: VoterView

In order to vote in any election you must register to vote at least 28 days prior to an election if you are not currently registered.

You may register to vote in any one of the following ways:

Call The Clerk's office
800-687-2705 ext. 6
Or send a request for a Voter Registration form by email to

Fill out a New Mexico Certificate of Registration form at the County Clerk's office
300 Central Avenue, Carrizozo, NM  88301
The form is available at any County Clerk's office, the office of the Secretary of State, or many state agencies, such as the motor vehicle offices.

You must change your address every time you move in order to be placed in the correct precinct and proper district. Also, when you change your name or party affiliation you must update your voter registration.